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Open Corporate Challenges

Submit your startups for the following open Corporate Challenges

Vehicle and Automotive Opportunities

Due on February 18

NCET2 is working with Hyundai Cradle, the open innovation arm of Hyundai Motors. They are actively seeking partnerships with startups on cybersecurity, in-cabin cameras, facial recognition, AI, aerial navigation, location accuracy, noise cancellation, 3D sound, and sound generation.

Skin Clinic Treatments for the Home and In-Store

Due on March 11

No7 Beauty Company is looking for clinic-inspired opportunities for the skin that deliver benefits beyond that which can be achieved using conventional topical treatments. They are seeking novel approaches to bring the performance of skin clinic treatments to the consumer’s home or in-store as a treatment/service.

Hyundai 2022 Zer01ne Accelerator

Due on March 7

Hyundai Motor Group invites startups to apply for 2022 first half innovation program to collaborate with Hyundai and Kia on future technologies. Startups can apply to one of 38 projects under seven different tech themes, including auto tech, in-car UX, charging, mobility services, smart logistics, smart construction, and materials

Hyundai 2022 Open Innovation Lounge

Due on March 18

Hyundai Group is accepting applications for the 2022 Open Innovation Lounge. NCET2 is working with Hyundai to source companies for their upcoming event. The Hyundai Open Innovation Lounge is an exhibition of the most innovative startups to improve existing and future consumer and commercial vehicles. Startups that apply to the Lounge may potentially be integrated into vehicles through an evaluation by Hyundai group members and engineers.

Online Events and Courses

How to Incorporate Your Startup

Thursday, February 24, 2022

It is much wiser to incorporate your startup early and do it the right way, in order to avoid costly mistakes in the future. Incorporating is a daunting task for first-time founders and it is something founders often delay since its benefits are not immediately apparent. Creating a legal entity allows founders to lay the corporate foundations for the startup to thrive.

Using Stock Option Plans to Build up your Startup Team

Thursday, March 3, 2022

This course covers why stock options are so important for venture-backable startups and how to use them to build your team so you can receive funding.

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