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Vehicle Navigation and Sound Enhancement Opportunities

  • Early submission (earlier review): June 11, 2021
  • Final submission: July 9, 2021

NCET2 is working with one of its corporate clients, a global automobile manufacturer, that is actively seeking R&D and Open Innovation partnerships with startups and inventors with cutting-edge innovations for potential licensing, funding, strategic alliances, and acquisitions (exits).

Submissions that are assessed to fit our corporate client's needs may be invited to further discuss on a conference call.

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Since 2016 we’ve been working with our Fortune 500 Corporate Members to discover market-aligned startups for their corporate business units.

"Identifying early stage startups is generally a challenge and NCET2 does a great job in identifying, vetting and ultimately showcasing the most promising companies. Having a hit rate of 20% is simply outstanding!" - Fortune 100 member


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