Founder: Philippe Amstislavski

University of Alaska Anchorage
Startup Officer: Helena Wisniewski

Technology Area:
  • Chemicals and Engineering
  • Consumer-facing New Models
Thermal insulation market size is estimated at $27.0 billion/year. In Europe and North America, the leading markets for thermal insulation, the building industry seeks a cost-competitive technology to manufacture renewable and biodegradable thermal insulation. Dr. Amstislavski developed a biotechnology to produce to thermally insulating foams. He has teamed up with Dr. Yang and they developed a prototype for carbon-neutral, and high-value insulation from forestry byproducts and mycelium. They since have been contacted by venture capitalists and investors and came to realize that had a marketable product and formed a team, which developed the start-up company, Rhizoform, LLC. to best capitalize on their innovation. Rhizoform will proceed in three phases: Phase I: To complete materials testing and develop a prototype of the engineered manufacturing system, and bring a product to market. Phase II: To produce and market Rhizoform Alaska-grown insulation and the concomitant technology to meet the need of the Alaskan market and to expand the technologies to other regions, proving the viability of the innovation in the marketplace. Phase III: To ensure that market Rhizoform’s technology becomes the prevalent technology in the sustainable thermal insulation materials in the North, through patents, licensing and other arrangements.
Articles to be posted soon.