Chairman, Board of Directors: Sam Al-Murrani

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Startup Officer: Michael Dixon

Technology Area: 
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical
Clinical stage company dedicated to the commercialization of advance dual-targeted radiopharmaceuticals for imaging and therapy of hard-to-treat cancers Including castration resistant prostate cancer, triple negative breast cancer, ovarian cancer and neuroblastoma. Company has FDA approved IND in with focus on imaging of prostate cancer and ongoing preclinical work for the purpose of submitting other INDs in the aforementioned areas of interest. The dual-targeting technology allows the radiopharmaceuticals to specifically enter the cancer cells through active transport mechanisms and then become incorporated into the DNA of the cancer cell. Because of this advantage Auger electron emitting radionuclides can be used instead of the usual alpha or beta energy emitters. Auger electron emitters have linear energy transfer (LET) that is comparable alpha emitters, but unlike alpha emitters the Auger electron emitters energy does not extend beyond the radius of the nucleus of the cancer cell. This allows for the for the high efficiency killing of cancer cells without much of an effect on surrounding tissues. Furthermore, because the same targeting technology can be used for imaging by simply replacing the appropriate radionuclides we are able to obtain a more accurate estimate of the size and growth rate of the tumor, allowing for more robust and effective dosing. Our drugs can be used as primary therapeutics or combined with no added toxicity to more conventional therapeutic modalities.
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