CEO: Ron Kliger

North Dakota State University
Startup Officer: Gary Smith

Technology Area:
  • Chemicals and Engineering
Website: http://www.uniqarta.com/index.html
Uniqarta is commercializing manufacturing processes that transform conventional semiconductor wafers into ultra-thin, flexible ICs assembled on flexible substrates. This is enabling flexible electronics with form factors never before possible.

Flexible electronics has received substantial attention due to its ability to enable new devices that—unlike today’s rigid and boxy devices—conform to the natural, curvy shapes that exist in the real world. However, flexible electronics have yet to have their predicted economic and social impact. One major reason is that the electronics industry has not yet found a reliable, low-cost method for assembling thin, flexible ICs.

We are solving this problem with novel manufacturing processes we will license to electronics manufacturers. We are an NSF grantee and have multiple active demonstration projects with Fortune 500 companies. We are also an active member of NextFlex—a DoD-supported Manufacturing Innovation Institute focused on flexible hybrid electronics.
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