President & CEO: Paul Hansen

University of Minnesota
Startup Officer: Russ Straate

Technology Area:
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical
  • Chemicals and Engineering

Website: http://www.minnepura.com/

Minnepura Technologies uses nature’s own capabilities to make contaminated water safe. Bioremediation is a simple, inexpensive technology. Naturally occurring bacteria break down waste in the environment. However, when the toxins become extreme, the natural system is overwhelmed, resulting in a polluted environment. We are designing ways to select and stabilize degrading microbes so they can be deployed where needed to address some of the most challenging pollutants and provide broader access to clean water.

Applications for our process/technology span dozens of market segments including: cleanup of agricultural run-offs, removal of trace elements of pharmaceutical and personal care products from the environment, removal of specific extremely difficult-to-remove toxins from industrial waste streams, removal of cyanic acid from commercial and residential pools and spas, removal of hydrocarbons from produced waters, etc.

Typical competing technologies involve filtration or other physical removal of toxins from waste streams. These approaches are ineffective at removing many toxins below detectable limits, require high-energy usage and present disposal risk and cost. By contrast, in our process, toxins are consumed/eliminated requiring limited energy and generating essentially no waste.

We currently have funded R&D contracts with two multi-billion dollar global customers that have lead to proof-of concept and working prototypes to address unique market needs. We have partnered with Syngenta ($14Biliion sales) to develop a product that can remove Atrazine from the environment below trace levels. In the recreational water segment, we have partnered with Lonza Life Sciences ($4.5Billion sales) to develop a product to eliminate cyanuric acid from pool water, assuring chlorine can work effectively.

Additional applications for this patented technology include removal of pesticides, herbicides and nitrates for the agriculture industry, removal of hydrocarbons and other carcinogens such as benzene for the oil & gas industry, removal of trace pharmaceuticals for municipal water and dye, PCB and general toxin removal for general industry.

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