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Active Searches

Release No. C-190807

Corporate Member: Large chemical and consumer goods company that is active in the consumer and industrial sector

Technical Needs No. Technical Area/Application Description
CN-2019-1537 Advanced Materials and Technologies Innovative and new 3D printing-related processes and materials that contribute to additive manufacturing. Technologies that are functional prototypes for large scale construction materials and general manufactured parts
CN-2019-1538 Advanced Materials and Technologies Advanced electronics materials and technologies enabling flexible, printed electronics for (medical) sensors, printed heaters, RFID antenna, and flexible circuitry
CN-2019-1539 Advanced Materials and Technologies Batteries: Electrochemical cells, specifically, thin-film and high capacity, active and passive thermal management, and mechanical protection
CN-2019-1540 Advanced Materials and Technologies Thermal management technology for insulation or components for active heat management with focus on electronics, insulation in construction and coatings for various industries
CN-2019-1541 Advanced Materials and Technologies Smart building materials that enhance specifics of or replace traditional materials, and innovate productionand assembling processes in building, construction and furniture
CN-2019-1542 Advanced Materials and Technologies Smart coatings - Functional & super-hydrophobic coatings that bring additional functionality on to a surface—from protective through medical, anti-microbial & anti-fingerprint to non-fluorinated super-hydrophobic coatings
CN-2019-1543 Advanced Materials and Technologies Smart Packaging - Low cost printed electronics packaging applications to enhance consumer interaction; from RFID & NFC chips to printed sensors
CN-2019-1544 Advanced Materials and Technologies Sustainable solutions & concepts building on natural, environmentally friendly, health/wellbeing & safe concept

Release No. C-190315

Corporate Member: Our corporate member is a medical technology company providing a broad range of high performance solutions that address unmet patient needs

Technical Needs No.

Technical Area/Application



Robotics - Medical and Surgical Procedures

Early-stage startups and IP that adds a robotic component to an existing medical and/or surgical procedure.

The opportunity should be under the following areas of interest:

  • Medical robotics
  • Surgical robotics
  • Guided surgery
  • Flexible robotics
  • Flexible medical devices
  • Smart sensing
  • Automated surgery
The opportunity should:
  • Have computer control, is reprogrammable, and moves
  • May be an extension of a physicians hand that translates movements inside the patient’s body
  • Has the potential to reduce time needed, reduce number of resources needed, increase precision and reproducibility, lower the learning curve, or reduce skill level needed
  • Should demonstrate the reduction of the physical burden on the physician
  • May include a software component, however this search excludes software-only technologies and startups
  • May be a new or enhancement of tools currently in use


Prevention or reduction of restenosis and re-thrombosis after venous stent placement

  • Pharmaceutical agent or a non-active coating that can be applied to different lumen-opening devices (e.g., stents)
  • Interested in test methods/animal models that have been developed to demonstrate efficacy for venous stenting solutions
  • Compatible with current delivery systems and manufacturing practices


Treatment of venous occlusions, either de novo, or post stent placement and restenosis

The technologies could remove chronic occlusions, be a method to cross total venous occlusions, or re-establish flow through the occluded segment. Both fully developed product concepts and early stage technologies will be considered.

  • The solution should be minimally invasive with clear advantages over current approaches
  • The concept development is preferably at the preclinical stage or later
  • New stent designs & new stent delivery systems are outside the scope of this search

Release No. C-190522

Corporate Member: Our corporate member is the largest chemical producer in the world with interests in chemicals, performance products, agricultural solutions, oil and gas, and functional materials and solutions.

Tech Needs No.
Technical Area/Application Description
CN-2019-1040 Additives Fast-fusing sustainable plasticizers for flexible PVC applications
CN-2019-1041 Additives Halogen free flame retardants for polyolefins / thermoplastics
CN-2019-1042 Additives Antioxidants with chemical resistance to chlorine oxidizing in plastics
CN-2019-1043 Additives New antioxidant chemistry and/or technologies beyond traditional phenols, phosphites, amines, sulfides
CN-2019-1044 Additives Self forming barrier layers with physical resistance to chlorine oxidizing agents in plastics
CN-2019-1045 Additives New light stabilizer technologies beyond existing hindered amines; e.g. tetramethylpiperidines; piperizinones
CN-2019-1046 Additives New light stabilizer technologies beyond existing UV absorbers; e.g.,hydroxylphenylbenzophenones, hydroxylphenylbenzotriazoles, hydroxylphenyltriazines; nano ZnO; nano TiO2
CN-2019-1047 Additives Flame retardant polymers or halogen free polymer additives especially those that do not act as plasticizers
CN-2019-1048 Additives Adhesive technologies (PUs and acrylics for adhesives, must be flame retardant)
CN-2019-1049 Additives Additives for composite materials:- Toughening (films, powders, fibers)- UV resistance- Flame retardance; incorporated clear and soluble (not particulates)
CN-2019-1050 Additives Flame retardant polyethersulfone (PESU) and polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) (in addition to intrinsic properties)
CN-2019-1051 Adhesives An adhesive that adheres well to low energy substrates for TPO roof coating
CN-2019-1052 Adhesives Improvement of adhesion on critical and challenging surfaces (polyolefines, metallized foils, unclean surfaces, wood…)
CN-2019-1053 Adhesives Adhesives with barrier properties (i.e. O2)
CN-2019-1054 Adhesives High refractive index, UV stable TPU with optical clarity
CN-2019-1055 Crop Protection Technologies for improved and to simplify weed control (formulations, automation, detection, robotics, etc.)
CN-2019-1056 Crop Protection Approaches to overcome weed resistance
CN-2019-1057 Crop Protection Tools for farming based on Sensors for drought, heat, nutrition, data analytics
CN-2019-1058 Crop Protection Technologies for small farms (urban farming, developing countries, vertical farming, etc.)
CN-2019-1059 Crop Protection Technologies to overcome insecticide/ pesticide resistance
CN-2019-1060 Crop Protection All technologies for insect control beyond classical chemistries and biologicals
CN-2019-1061 Crop Protection Modeling at gene, organ, plant, crop and field levels
CN-2019-1062 Crop Protection Molecular sensors for drought, heat, plant nutrition status
CN-2019-1063 Crop Protection Chemistries to improve water usage in agriculture (excluding irrigation systems)
CN-2019-1064 Crop Protection Coating to prevent crop protection formulations from drying/flaking in bulk containers, possibly super hydrophobic coating (issue with precipitates forming as water evaporates)
CN-2019-1065 Crop Protection Novel approaches for insect, nematode, and pest control in agriculture
CN-2019-1066 Coatings Novel initiatiors (UV-LED triggered intitiators for packaging for improved stickiness of the surface (oxygen inhibition)
CN-2019-1067 Coatings Low density, film forming polymer concrete admixtures
CN-2019-1068 Coatings UV stable pigments, polymers, films, etc. for outdoor applications (i.e. exterior facades of buildings)
CN-2019-1069 Coatings Cost effective water-based resins with preferably low temperature application for: basecoats, adhesives, finishes and coatings
CN-2019-1070 Coatings Methyl methacrylate alternatives for low-odor clear coating applications
CN-2019-1071 Coatings Thermal barrier coatings
CN-2019-1072 Coatings Flexible, tough clear coating materials
CN-2019-1073 Coatings Antireflective optical coatings
CN-2019-1074 Coatings Optical filters made out of coatings
CN-2019-1075 Coatings Reflective coatings i.e. mirror effects
CN-2019-1076 Coatings Conductive transparent coatings
CN-2019-1077 Coatings Chromic (color changing) materials via mechanical, thermal or electric stimuli
CN-2019-1078 Dyes, Pigments, and Colorants Smart Materials for high tech greenhouse agriculture: light sources and growing strategies (recipes) for plant growth in greenhouses and plant factories -- technologies for light and heat management in greenhouses and energy management technologies in greenhouses -- color conversion, IR reflection
CN-2019-1079 Dyes, Pigments, and Colorants Controlled retention properties of coatings (i.e. color, biocides, etc.)
CN-2019-1080 Dyes, Pigments, and Colorants Improved platelet orientation

Release No. C-190404

Corporate Member: Our corporate member is a multi-billion dollar consumer goods company seeking promising startups and open to working with entrepreneurs to create brands for the the consumer goods market

Technical Needs No.

Technical Area/Application



Male Wellness: Improve and maintain male sexual health and wellness

Non-prescription products and technologies for premature ejaculation:

  • Methodologies/technologies to decrease sensitivity and address the psychological factors that affect sexual desire and performance, mitigate the side effects of antidepressant medications
  • Consumable products such as ointments and sprays to decrease sensitives without negative side effects


Male Wellness: Improve and maintain male sexual health and wellness

Non-prescription products and technologies for low libido/desire to improve sexual desire and interest

  • May be in the form of wearables, ingestibles, tech devices. Should be able to boost testosterone naturally and without side effects, reduce stress, reduce cortisol


Male Wellness: Improve and maintain male sexual health and wellness

Non-prescription products and technologies for erectile dysfunction to improve blood flow without side effects, cause and maintain erection on-demand, increased nitric oxide.

  • Solutions may include botanicals, supplements (such as L-Arginine), sprays, ointments, heart health research that relates to improved blood flow, new technologies for improved flow through blood vessels

CN-2019-1556 Mental and Physical Performance

Non-prescription products/services that impart an immediate immediate for enhanced cognition (focused attention, mental acuity, et al)

NOTES on Mental and Physical Performance

  • Fast moving consumable that adds unique value to the overall product/service
  • Demonstrate evidence of real efficacy (ex. Clinicals)
  • Impart no significant tradeoffs (ex. Jitters, sudden crash in energy, addiction, need for drastic lifestyle change)
  • Can be integrated into consumer’s existing habits
CN-2019-1557 Mental and Physical Performance Non-prescription products/services that aid in achieving restorative sleep
CN-2019-1558 Mental and Physical Performance Non-prescription products/services that aid in building resiliency to stress, distraction, and/or cognitive decline
CN-2019-1559 Mental and Physical Performance Non-prescription products/services that bring the body naturally back into homeostatis when stressed
CN-2019-1560 Non-Toxic Lawn, Garden and Plants

Provide disruptive solutions that improve consumers outdoor living experiences and caring for these spaces related to lawn, plant, and insects.

Areas of specific interest are:

  • Kill existing weeds
  • Eliminate the recurrence of weeds & bugs
  • Help yard look appropriate (no visible signs of weeds or insects, aesthetics)
  • Help yard look and feel great (tactile ex. when walking in bare feet)

The solution should be:

  • Effective: Create weedfree & bugfree yard (lawn, landscape areas, garden, patio/deck areas); Visual signals and speed are potential deligters.
  • Safe: Have no limits on when or where to use (no worry of needing extra protective gear, safe for kids & dogs after application and longer term, only effects targeted weed/plant/insect)
  • Convenient: ready to use & no weather/time of day restricitions, easy to use, limited re-application for effectiveness
  • Competitive Uniqueness: Superior performance and/or safety profile vs competition. Granted or application IP; trade secrets or other product or business protection.
  • Regulatory: Currently registered with EPA or use
  • only 25b ingredients.

Release No. C-190227

Corporate Member: B2B Fortune 200 corporation working in the nutritional, agricultural, and food products space. Including vitamins, food processing, and ingredients and processes for animal feed, food, pharmaceutical, and personal care.

Technical Needs No.

Technical Area/Application



Food, and Nutrition

Microbial enzyme production – new platforms; food enzymes; for food industry not industrial; fungal yeast bacillus


Food and Nutrition

New platforms in microbial enzyme production. Example: food enzymes, fungal yeast bacillus for the food industry (not industrial use)


Food and Nutrition

Bacteriophage Technology – food preservation, food culture resistance; (ex. yogurt cultures); microbiome impact


Food and Nutrition

Sport Medicine – nutrition; recovery from exercising; performance


Food and Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition – microbiome, genetics, biomarkers, dietary habits, traits, nutrition, and analysis (ex: 23 and Me genetic kit technology)


Food and Nutrition

Single proteins for aquafeeds


Food and Nutrition

Food Enzymes for baking, cheese production, dairy, juice processing, oil (ex. soybean)


Food and Nutrition

Natural BioAg antifungal compounds – microbes that will produce a compound that has anti-fungal activity for agricultural purposes


Food and Nutrition

Probiotics – strains and formulation technology; antibiotic replacers for human and animal nutrition and health


Food and Nutrition

Prebiotics – molecules and formulation technologies for human and animal nutrition and health


Food and Nutrition

Natural preservatives for food applications (1) protective cultures and (2) fermentates


Food and Nutrition

Dairy Cultures – bacteriophage; resistance, storage (ex. freeze drying or other types of freezing) for yogurt, cheese, milk


Food and Nutrition

Savory Products – salt reduction food application, yeast extracts, other new savory product and product sources


Food and Nutrition

Molecules and applications for nutritional lipids, carotenoids, and vitamins


Food and Nutrition

Gut Health – (1) modulation of the microbiome (2) diagnostics (read out of gut health)


Food and Nutrition

Sweeteners – food application for sugar reduction platforms and specifically stevia production application, peptide sweeteners, other new sweeteners


Food and Nutrition

Flavor and Fragrances – molecule production and discovery and platforms to make flavors and fragrances. Not formulations and products.


Food, and Nutrition

Innovative technologies and new solutions to obtain savory tastes and create new savory products for various food applications

Release No. C-190212

Corporate Member: Large specialty materials and chemicals company with interest in medical, automotive, home care, building, electronics, and high performance materials

Technical Needs No. Technical Area/Application Description
CN-2019-1113 Materials 5G Wireless – New materials that are permeable to the 5G signal
CN-2019-1114 Materials Advanced Packaging – new materials for packing and smart packaging for sterile medical products, sterile medical devices and also for general use (non-medical uses)
CN-2019-1115 Materials Automotive Electrification – innovations and technologies that allow better electrification of an automobile such as electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Technologies may include power trains, batteries, electronics, and lighting
CN-2019-1116 Materials Automotive – new materials that make automobiles lighter
CN-2019-1118 Materials Light-weighting & Energy Efficiency – innovations and technologies for materials that are strong but light-weight and specifically to make more energy efficient (energy efficiency) for transportation sector and building/construction sector

Release No. C-190116

Corporate Member: Fortune 500 B2B corporate with a over $10billion in revenues with keen interest in innovations in the areas of human and animal nutrition, personal care, food, medical, biotechnology, sustainable products, and connectivity

Technical Needs No. Technical Area/Application Description
CN-2019-1104 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Plastics – renewable, sustainable, small carbon footprint, circular economy (ex: automotive, paints, coatings, electronics)
CN-2019-1105 Advanced Manufacturing Resins – paints, coatings, electronics, automotive, renewable, sustainable, small carbon footprint, circular economy
CN-2019-1106 Advanced Manufacturing Advanced solar – improvement in energy storage, efficiency, cost, sustainability, low carbon footprint, long-term power gain
CN-2019-1099 Biomedical New technologies and new tools for single-cell analysis
CN-2019-1100 Biomedical Biomedical Wound Repair (ex. synthetic tissue)
CN-2019-1101 Biomedical Platform technologies in microbial strain development
CN-2019-1102 Biomedical Synthetic Biology – platform technologies in gene editing technology (CRISPR) for biotech applications (excluding pharma applications like mammalian cells)
CN-2019-1082 Biomedical, Food and Nutrition Single-cell analysis – new technology; new tools
CN-2019-1103 Biomedical, Food, and Nutrition New methods of protein structure modeling (like Rosetta)
CN-2019-1107 Clean Tech and Chemicals Bio-based chemicals – new processes that use succinic acid; monomers
CN-2019-1108 Clean Tech and Chemicals Personal Care – molecules; testing platforms; ex: cosmetics, emollients, sunscreen
CN-2019-1109 Clean Tech and Chemicals Production of cellulosic ethanol – use of by-products from the process and making production more efficient in a bio-refinery setting (not interested in the uses of ethanol)
CN-2019-1110 Clean Tech and Chemicals C5 yeast for use as a biofuel: Gen 1: corn ethanol, Gen 1.5: using corn fiber, Gen 2: cellulosic ethanol
CN-2019-1111 Clean Tech and Chemicals Cellulases as a biofuel, specific interest in LPMO (lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase)

Release No. C-181206

Corporate Member: A multi-national consumer goods corporation with over $65 billion in revenues. The company specializes in personal and consumer health, and personal and hygiene products

Technical Needs No. Technical Area/Application Description
CN-2018-1275 Advanced Packaging Decoration (particularly for premium products - Color/Materials/Finish
CN-2018-1276 Advanced Packaging Dosing/ Dispensing
CN-2018-1277 Advanced Packaging For consumer products (such as food and personal care). Innovative and inexpensive approaches to easily enable up to 100% of a product to be dispensed from product packaging (such as bottles and tubes) to alleviate the problem of product not easily dispensed and going to waste
CN-2018-1278 Advanced Packaging Sustainability
CN-2018-1279 Advanced Packaging Cost effective sampling
CN-2018-1280 Advanced Packaging Affordable effective re-sealable bags/flexible packaging for powder, liquids, gels, unit dose)
CN-2018-1281 Advanced Packaging E-commerce
CN-2018-1282 Advanced Packaging Connected Packaging (IOT)
CN-2018-1283 Advanced Packaging Packs for Megacity Millennials are ways to think about driving consumption of fast moving consumer goods amongst a demographic that 1) typically live in a very small physical space (so the huge SKUs that are sold in places like Costco don’t work), 2) often don’t own or even spend much time in their “home,” and 3) are typically more environmentally conscience/aware. It is more a consumer demographic target than a well-defined technical target.
CN-2018-1247 Alleviating Symptoms of Menopause/Female Aging Improvements to or new innovations for key symptoms of menopause/female aging and/or combinations thereof such as: Hot Flashes/Night Sweats, Low Energy, Sleep Loss, Brain Fog/Mental Acuity, Mood Swings, Low Sex Drive/Sexual Support, Weight Management, Hair Thinning and/or Graying, Joint Health, Vaginal Dryness, Dry Eyes and Mouth, and/or Adult Incontinence/Sensitive Bladder
CN-2018-1249 Better Improvement of Sleep Technologies that create better sleep environments through the control of environmental factors such as air flow, air quality, scent, light, air temperature, humidity and sound levels. Technologies that could be stand alone products and/or integrated into a single sleep enhancement product. Technologies are not: beds, pillows, sheets, sleep wear, head gear
CN-2018-1258 Chemistry Modeling of surface & interfacial phenomena related to cleaning
CN-2018-1259 Chemistry Molecular design for new cleaning, protection, or delivery technologies
CN-2018-1260 Chemistry Surface and interface analysis
CN-2018-1261 Chemistry Novel surface modification actives – self-cleaning and/or soil prevention
CN-2018-1262 Chemistry Novel deposition mechanisms – depositing from formulas intended to clean; selective deposition (e.g., hair vs skin, fabric vs machine)
CN-2018-1263 Chemistry Active encapsulation – protection and timed or triggered release of actives at the right time and in the right place
CN-2018-1264 Chemistry Enzyme technologies & enzyme immobilization
CN-2018-1265 Life Science Epithelial Health –optimize skin health and improve resiliency, reduce irritation and inflammation
CN-2018-1266 Life Science Aging – prevent, slow, or repair the aging of epithelial tissues, to improve the appearance of aging skin or gingiva, or maintain tissue in a youthful state.
CN-2018-1267 Life Science Sensorial Control –modulate the sensorial attributes (e.g., cooling/ warming, itch/ pain reduction, desirable feel, malodor blocking) of our products to delight our consumers and provide clear point of differentiation.
CN-2018-1268 Life Science Microbial Control – Deliver consumer meaningful benefits by manipulation of our microbiome.
CN-2018-1269 Life Science Functional naturals / botanical materials
CN-2018-1244 Life solutions for caregiving for the elderly Solutions that help orientating & navigating both the caregiver and the cared-for through the aging journey.
CN-2018-1245 Life solutions for caregiving for the elderly In-home monitoring & prevention of events that result in hospital visits, including mobility and fall prevention
CN-2018-1250 Material Science Films with enhanced functionality (barrier, controlled dissolution and dispersion, stimuli-responsive)
CN-2018-1251 Material Science Self-folding films; Activated shape/ structure/ function
CN-2018-1252 Material Science On-demand delivery of a wide range of chemistries from films, fibers and particles
CN-2018-1253 Material Science Order of magnitude improvements in film strength/resilience per weight
CN-2018-1254 Material Science Omniphobic surfaces
CN-2018-1255 Material Science Printed magnetics and sensors
CN-2018-1256 Material Science Sustainably sourced or biodegradable materials, recycling technologies or enabling infrastructures
CN-2018-1257 Material Science Materials and processes for affordable additive manufacturing of high volume
CN-2018-1246 Non-Toxic Insect Control Improvements to or new innovations for contact killers, barriers, traps, on-body repellents and foggers that are non-toxic to people and pets for indoor and outdoor use. Ingredients from the FIFRA 25b exempt list or less preferably from the Non 25B list. Lethal to House Flies, Mosquitoes, Fruit Flies, Stink Bugs, Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ants, Moths, Gnats, Spiders, Silverfish, Centipedes, and/or Millipedes
CN-2018-1241 Personal care and activities for daily living for the elderly Innovation that address the activities of daily living for the elderly over 65+, including showering/bathing (including solutions that mimic the showering/bathing experience), toileting, incontinence care, and personal hygiene
CN-2018-1242 Personal care and activities for daily living for the elderly Skin health management solutions for the aging skin
CN-2018-1243 Personal care and activities for daily living for the elderly Innovation that promote balance, stability and strength while fitting into the everyday routine for the elderly over 65+
CN-2018-1270 Smart Products Smart and Precision Delivery Systems
CN-2018-1271 Smart Products Embedded Sensors and Intelligence
CN-2018-1272 Smart Products Sense – low cost microfabricated sensors with the ability to digitize the analog world
CN-2018-1273 Smart Products Transform – convert binary bits & bytes into actionable insights through embedded or cloud based Artificial Intelligence
CN-2018-1274 Smart Products Respond – directed delivery of proprietary chemistries and formulations, digital information, knowledge, or other consumer relevant actions.
CN-2018-1248 Treating Medicated Skin Conditions & Symptoms Products or technologies shown to treat, prevent, or build the skin’s resistance to medicated skin conditions (e.g. acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sensitive skin, xerosis, etc.) and/or address their symptoms without a prescription. Solutions must enable unique benefits/claims or superior performance vs. available solutions in the medicated skin space. Product forms may include: topicals; ingestibles – tablets, drinks/liquids, gummies; devices; others

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