Corporate Challenges

We discover startups for Fortune 500 corporates to find the innovative and market-aligned startups

We work with our corporate partners to find innovative and commercially-ready startups for potential licensing, funding, strategic alliances, and acquisitions (exits).

Open Corporate Challenges

Vehicle and Automotive Innovation Challenge

Hyundai Cradle, the open innovation arm of Hyundai Motors. They are actively seeking R&D and Open Innovation partnerships with startups and inventors with cutting-edge innovations for potential licensing, funding, strategic alliances, and acquisitions (exits).
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Skin Clinic Treatments for the Home and In-Store

Novel approaches to bring the performance of skin clinic treatments to the consumer’s home or in-store as a treatment/service, provided by the No7 beauty advisors. These opportunities will need to be easy and intuitive for consumers to use at home, or advisors to use in-store, as well as being safe and efficacious.
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Submit to any of the open Corporate Challenges. It requires you to submit your information on your official form and include a non-confidential slide deck with the following information:

  • Background and overview of technology - how it is being or will be leveraged into a commercial opportunity
  • Financing plan (pre-$ valuation, amount sought, use of funds, cap table if it exists)
  • Market (unmet need, size/opportunity for growth, entry or sales plan, barriers to adoption)
  • Risks (technology, regulatory, reimbursement, market)
  • Competition (current gold standard, competitors)
  • Intellectual property strategy, proprietary assets/barriers to others entering the market
  • Management team description, people (management, board, advisors, inventors)
    Possible acquirers/exit strategy
  • Contact slide

Your submission will be forwarded to our corporate partner for review.

If your submission fits the requirements of our corporate partner you will be contacted for a call with our corporate partner or get connected with them for additional information.

1. Can we submit IP?

Yes, you can, and they do review the information submitted. However, our corporate partners are more interested in startups as they give corporates early access to innovation for their business units. IP may be interesting to corporates to provide them information on what technologies are out there.

2. Our startup doesn't fit any of the open challenges, can we still submit?

Yes, you may still submit. NCET2 maintains a database of startups and any new corporate partner that comes on board is provided access to the database. You will be contacted for any interest in your startup

3. We've submitted our startup before, can we update our information?

Yes, you can. Email and our team will provide you a link where you can update your information.

4. What kinds of partnerships can we expect if a corporate is interested in our startup?

It depends on the stage of your startup. Generally, they provide assistance with product development, some funding, and maybe even licensing.

5. What happens if we miss a deadline?

We have several intake deadlines so you can submit any time as long as the challenge remains open.

6. Do the corporates sign NDAs?

Our corporate partners do not sign NDAs at the beginning of discussions. Should your conversation with the corporate progress they may agree to an NDA if disclosing proprietary information becomes necessary.

7. How soon after submission will we hear from the corporate?

It depends on the corporate. Some take a few weeks to work with their business units to discuss your startup if there is any interest.

8. What file types are accepted for the non-confidential slide deck?

We prefer that you submit a PDF in order to maintain the integrity of the information in your deck.