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Vehicle Navigation and Sound Enhancement Opportunities

NCET2 is working with one of its corporate clients, a global automobile manufacturer, that is actively seeking R&D and Open Innovation partnerships with startups and inventors with cutting-edge innovations for potential licensing, funding, strategic alliances, and acquisitions (exits).

Submissions that are assessed to fit our corporate client's needs may be invited to further discuss on a conference call.

Startups and IP accepted.

Submission deadlines for the search areas below:

Early submission (earlier review): June 11, 2021
Final submission: July 9, 2021
Beat the rush. Submit early.

Our corporate client is seeking innovations in the following areas:

1. (CN-2021-1635) Aerial navigation - new technologies on 3D navigation or improvements to existing technologies for unmanned aerial vehicles and passenger drones.

2. (CN-2021-1636) Precise location accuracy - technologies that increase the accuracy (from ~10 meters to ~10 centimeters) of the existing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The innovation must be low-cost and scalable for commercial and consumer use.

3. (CN-2021-1637) Active noise cancellation

  • Noise reduction - new or improved technologies to actively cancel external noise (road noise) and interior/ambient noise.
  • Sound enhancement - enhancing a vehicle’s infotainment in-car sound experience
4. (CN-2021-1638) Sound generation - generation of virtual sounds for mimicking exhaust sounds of larger internal combustion engines (ICEs). Open to license the technology.

5. (CN-2021-1639) 3D sound - new technologies or enhancements to existing multi-channel surround sound technologies to enhance the audio/sound experience within the vehicle.

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