We provide road-weary corporates a way to discover new and innovative startups online

The Virtual Startup Pitches is an effective and convenient platform for Fortune 500 technology scouts, R&D people, corporate venture capitalists, and corporate innovation officers to discover startups for corporate strategic partnerships and investments.

These online sessions are hosted via GotoWebinar so you can watch it at your desk or via your mobile device. Each session features a mix of 5-7 startups in these main technical areas:

  • Pharma and Medical Devices
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Chemicals and Clean Technology
  • Information and Communications Technology
Each startup is given 5-minutes to present and the audience is allowed 5 minutes to ask questions after each pitch.

Join the Virtuals

For Corporates
  • Current NCET2 Corporate Members will automatically receive the schedule and descriptions of startups before each session
  • Not an NCET2 Corporate Member? Email RiaAncheta@ncet2.org for more information on how to join these sessions.
  • Participating corporates will be provided a scoring sheet that allows for scoring, indicate interest, and specify next actions for NCET2 to facilitate

For Startups
  • Open to startups and entrepreneurs located in the US
  • Startups need not be incorporated or be legally existing to apply
  • We accept startups from all technical areas with technologies/IP that is research-based (ex: startups with university IP) and has commercial applications. You may also visit our existing Corporate Needs Lists to see what our corporate members are currently looking for. See here
  • Submit information about your startup. Submit here
  • You will be asked to complete a full startup profile if your startup passes the initial review. Once you complete the full startup profile you will be scheduled for a session on the next available slot.
  • Startups that receive Fortune 500 corporate and SDO interest may be considered for the Corporate-Startup Development Program. If you already applied for the Corporate-Startup Development Program, you need not re-submit your information.

Watch the Corporate Needs and Virtual Startup Pitches Info Webinar