"Biofilm Eradication: The Holy Grail to Implant Surgeons"
Chairman and CEO: Wayne D. Bacon

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Startup Officer: Brian McIlroy

Technology Area: 
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical
  • Chemicals and Engineering
  • IT and Software
  • Consumer-facing New Models

Garwood Medical Devices, LLC (GMD), founded July 15, 2014, is a medical device company developing a new class of active, remotely powered medical devices. They are clinician programmable, providing treatment while remotely monitoring operating parameters, patient biometrics and compliance. GMD addresses several expensive ($20B+) and complex, frequently devastating health issues, providing effective, efficient treatments for chronic wound healing, bone growth and peri-prosthetic infection while freeing the patient from a power cord and the need for implanted batteries. Our lean organization leverages our (GMD and exclusively licensed University at Buffalo) IP portfolio by harnessing UB physical assets, and critically, our UB development team, led by Professor Ed Furlani. Previously 28 years as Kodak Senior Principal Scientist, before transitioning to UB, he has degrees in Electrical Engineering & Theoretical Physics, and over 150 patents. His varied interests include lasers, photonics and bio-photonics. Dr. Furlani leads the team of six brilliant professors in complimentary disciplines: Physics, Chemical, Biological, Electrical, Biomedical & Computer Engineering, Microbiology & Immunology. Three of the six are inventors of technologies we license from UB. Financial viability is important: •GMD has been accepted into StartUp NY, which has numerous benefits, including: NYS income tax exemption for the company, investors and employees, sales tax exemption for 10 years, office space on the medical campus at low rates, and other benefits. •The NYS Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics has agreed to make a significant four-year investment in Garwood. •GMD is close to completing its $3.6MM Series A round.
  • Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics signs $1.48M contract with medical device company; to create 40 jobs. (click for full article)
    "GMD, a medical device company participating in the START-UP NY program, is developing a new class of programmable electrical stimulation devices with integrated sensor and communications technologies to enable unprecedented treatment for chronic wound healing, bone growth and peri-prosthetic (implant) infections, while simultaneously enhancing quality of life by enabling enhanced patient mobility and decreasing the need for clinician intervention."

  • Medical device startup to hire 40 through Buffalo genomic research program: Garwood to get $1.48 million from genomics institute. (click for full article)
    "A Buffalo medical device startup intends to create 40 jobs over five years through a partnership with a University at Buffalo genomic research program, the university announced Thursday. Garwood Medical Devices, which develops devices to treat chronic wounds and control joint-replacement infections, will receive $1.48 million in support from UB’s Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics, known as BIG, as part of the agreement."
  • Garwood Medical Devices closes in on $3.6 million funding goal. (click for full article)
    "Garwood Medical Devices is closing in on a $3.6 million Series A round from private investors in Buffalo's business and medical communities. The downtown Buffalo biomedical company has already closed on $2 million of that round and is currently finalizing another $1 million. CEO Wayne Bacon said he doesn't expect a problem having a fully subscribed round by September."