CEO: Sam Tetlow

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Startup Officer: Don Rose

Technology Area: 
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical
Website: http://www.epicypher.com/
A pioneer in epigenetics, EpiCypher is delivering transformative technologies and superior products to life science researchers worldwide. EpiCypher has 85 blue-chip customers, over 17 FTEs, and is cash flow positive. Founded by three renowned leaders in the epigenetics research community, we are developing new products that allow drug developers to validate an epigenetic therapeutic drug candidate well before human clinical trials. As a result, drug development is faster, less expensive, and increasingly successful. EpiCypher has forged collaborations with many of the world’s leading academic scientists in order to commercialize important technologies funded by the NIH. We have developed a broad portfolio of products, including novel assays for drug screening and drug discovery platforms. EpiCypher has reached these accomplishments on less than $250k in equity investment.
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