President and CSO: Joshua Sestak

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Startup Officer: Michael Dixon

Technology Area:
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical
Orion BioScience Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on developing innovative therapies to provide both immediate relief and long-term solutions to autoimmune diseases and autoimmune associated inflammation beginning in the eye. Orion co-founders, Dr. Joshua Sestak and Prof. Cory Berkland, have invented disruptive technologies that Orion has exclusively licensed. The Orion team leverages extensive development experience, strong clinical relationships, and opportunistic licensing strategies, to rapidly progress treatments for autoimmune and ocular inflammation disorders. Orion’s initial clinical program leverages the ORNx formulation platform technology; an innovative formulation technique that allows Orion to transform powerful, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs into pure drug injectable products that rapidly reverse ocular inflammation. Typically limited to oral or IV infusion due to solubility and dissolution limitations, Orion’s ORNx technology enables pure-drug, high concentration, low volume, injectable suspensions for direct ocular injection to treat exacerbations of autoimmune associated uveitis and diabetic macular edema. As an expansion ORNx formulations may be administered as eye drops for treatment of dry eye conditions. Orion’s second technology is the Soluble Antigen Array (SAgA) platform, which aim to transform the treatment regimens for autoimmune diseases. Simply explained as ‘allergy shots’ for autoimmune diseases, SAgAs encourage retolerization to the specific antigens that cause autoimmune conditions such as neuromyelitis optica, multiple sclerosis, and type-1 diabetes. SAgAs can both treat, and potentially cure patients without the need to suppress their entire immune system.
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