CEO: Bruce Caldwell

The Ohio State University
Startup Officer: Cheryl Turnbull

Technology Area:
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical
  • Chemicals and Engineering

Website: http://www.3barbiologics.com/
What if we could increase agricultural productivity, while decreasing dependence on synthetic fertilizer and pesticides? 3Bar Biologics is addressing this great challenge by helping farmers increase crop yields sustainably using beneficial microbes. 3Bar was founded in November 2013 in partnership with The Ohio State University (OSU) based on our shared belief that current microbial products in the Ag market are suboptimal for the growers using them, and that we can create a disruptive and superior technology that delivers fresher and more viable microbes with more consistent results in the field. This approach has the potential to open up commercialization of numerous strains discovered by OSU and others that have demonstrated benefits in a research context, but have not been successfully commercialized due to incompatibility with existing supply chain models. It also has the potential to improve performance of existing commercial strains. 3Bar is very focused on commercialization and getting real customer feedback. Within 6 months of founding the company, we established a clean room facility and produced 500 beta prototypes for testing including a 2014 in-market test as well as replicated scientific trials of our prototype with multiple strains by independent researchers. We are now in our third growing season, doubling sales every year now in 5 Midwest states. Preliminary results from both on-farm and independent trials indicate that our novel delivery system and beneficial strains are both easy to use and able to meaningfully increase yield on many sites across the Midwest, with performance that surpasses current commercial products.
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