Founder and CSO: Rene Anand

The Ohio State University
Startup Officer: Cheryl Turnbull

Technology Area: 
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical
NEURXSTEM is commercializing a novel, first in class synthetic NEURAL ORGANOID PLATFORM that mimics the human central nervous system. CNS disease biology and pharmaceutical development traditionally relies upon rodent model systems or single cell line in vitro model systems. Drug candidate efficacy in CNS pre-clinical rodent models rarely translates to human efficacy in clinical trials. Through a specialty Contract Research Organization model, NEURXSTEM provides a transformational approach for studying human central nervous system disease biology,
diagnostic development, and novel therapeutic discovery and development. It addresses significantly all the needs of potential clients for disease mechanism research, target identification, and toxicity, safety and efficacy testing of big Pharma in a "one stop" platform that is highly predictive of human neural physiology. Dr. Rene Anand, an inventor, has recently engineered two genetic, syndromic model of autism and Alzheimer’s disease showing highly significant results. The genetic fingerprints correlate well with known clinical manifestations of these patients, validating the utility of the proprietary process to create highly informative neural organoids for certain CNS disorders. Neurxstem is a concept stage opportunity with limited funds. Neurxstem was recently selected for a Third Frontier Fund Technology Validation and Seed Funding grant from the State of Ohio to commercialize it services. Rev1 Ventures is in due diligence for an additional investment of Concept funding to complement this funding.
Articles to be posted soon.