Hyundai 2021 Open Innovation Lounge

NCET2 is working with Hyundai Motor Group to find startups to showcase at the 2021 Open Innovation Lounge in Seoul, South Korea in November 2021. Five startups from North America will be selected to showcase their solutions for potential inclusion in future vehicles.

Read the article about the 2020 event: Hyundai Motor Group hosts 2020 Open Innovation Lounge

This highly competitive process will provide selected startups with financial and logistical support by Hyundai’s internal groups to move technologies forward for potential production.

Final Submission Deadline: March 26, 2021


  • Must be incorporated and operating in North America
  • Must have a working prototype, typically at a TRL 8 or 9
  • The technology/solution must be innovative and unique

To submit to this program, fill out the official submission form below and attach a non-confidential introduction deck that contains the following:

  • Company description/background
  • About the innovation/technology
  • IP Status and Strategy
  • Market and key customers
  • Competitors
  • Management Team
  • Contact information

Theme Areas:

Theme Category Tech Area
Hyper Customization (Passenger- focused) Audio Separated Audio Zone Different audio zone for passenger
Multi-sensory Car-sickness prevention

(Non) Wearable tech that prevents car sickness


Audio Separation/ Classification

Increase voice recognition/ classification accuracy

Surrounding Space (Automotive space-focused)



 Speakerless Audio Create immersive sound without speaker/ woofer (eg. Surface vibration)
Smell   Odor Analysis Device/small device that analyzes indoor odor of cars
 Visual  Screen Tech Innovative screen that can provide different content for all passengers
 Visual  AR Navigation Full Windshield Navigation

 Non-mechanical wiper

Wiper that removes water/snow/dust without physical object
Visual Projection Tech (Inside) Projection on celling/rear glass
(Outside) Outward warning projection for pedestrians, cars, etc.
Sustainability (Environment- focused) Touch Eco-friendly Material Sustainable material with less cost, and more advantage than existing material
Talking Surfaces (Automotive- Passenger Interaction)    Multi-sensory  Interactive Surface  Surface/material that changes shape/color with different human interaction
 Touch Haptic Feedback  Detailed/real-like haptic feedback
 Multi-sensory In-car Entertainment Entertainment that utilizes features within cars (display, steering wheel, seat, etc,) while charging



  • Startups will be reviewed by a panel of reviewers from Hyundai Motor Group
  • Startups that make it through the first round of reviews will be invited to a conference call to discuss their startup
  • Selected startups will be informed via email if they are selected to showcase at the 2021 Open Innovation Lounge

Start your submission below: