Corporate Challenges

Skin Clinic Treatments for the Home

NCET2 is working with No7 Beauty Company's R&D Team to find effective and personalized products to address the needs of their customers. No7 aims to drive progress by developing and commercializing science and technology to deliver market breakthroughs for consumers through their brands.

The R&D team is seeking partners to work collaboratively to overcome barriers (ie cost, safety, regulation) to bring clinical treatments to the mass consumer market. Working with the R&D team will give you access to their expertise in skin science and the capability to test technologies and products on volunteers through their global panel.

No7 Beauty Company is a company under the umbrella of Walgreens Boots Alliance. No7 Beauty Company's heritage dates back to 1935 and ever since No7 has been dedicated to beauty and skincare innovation. Today, powered by rich customer insights, their collection of beauty brands connects with and is trusted by customers everywhere. With leading brands including No7, Liz Earle Beauty Company, and Soap & Glory, they make premium beauty accessible with products and services available online and in over 20,000 stores in 16 markets worldwide.

Intake Dates

We review the submissions on an ongoing basis. Startups that submit before each intake date will be assessed and will receive a response within 2-3 weeks of submission.
  • Intake 1: March 11
  • Intake 2: TBA

About the Challenge

No7 is looking for clinic-inspired opportunities for the skin that deliver benefits beyond that which can be achieved using conventional topical treatments. They are seeking novel approaches to bring the performance of skin clinic treatments to the consumer’s home or in-store as a treatment/service, provided by No7 through their beauty advisors. Technologies that currently are limited to use in cosmetic surgeries or aesthetic clinics and the translation of them into a technology that can either be used in a consumer's home or by a retail beauty advisor in-store.

These opportunities will need to be easy and intuitive for use at home or in-store and be safe and efficacious.Technologies should be applicable for all skin types, colors, and ethnicities.

Examples may include Ultherapy, cryotherapy, cosmetic injections, cosmetic thread facelifts, laser therapy (beyond intense pulsed light), nitrogen plasma therapy, photoacoustic rejuvenation, thermocoagulation, shock wave therapy, etc.

MVP solutions for testing in-vivo, proof of efficacy are accepted. Ideally, any solution will come with knowledge of the regulations concerning medical device classification and a clear path to registration for sale in the US and EU.

Special interest is on energy-based technologies and new and more effective methods to deliver actives into the skin. No7 is not interested in technologies that are already available to consumers unless there is a improvement or significant change in the level of technical proof.

Strategic Intent

Consumer behaviors are changing rapidly: they are looking for more effective products, personalized products that meet their unique needs, they are hungry for information including transparency of product features (ingredients, sustainability) and benefits, they are measuring their health and wellbeing and want proof that products are beneficial for them.

Treatment in clinics is considered the gold standard in terms of performance. Throughout lockdown, many consumers have not been able to visit the beauty clinic and have sought at-home alternatives to clinical treatments to meet their skin care needs. Many consumers may not feel comfortable returning to the clinic post lockdown, and there is a clear consumer need for more effective treatments at home.


There is no direct interest in technologies that have already migrated from the clinic into home use such as microneedling, LLLT, IPL, microcurrent, mechano-stimulation, microdermabrasion, unless they offer a significant level of improvement in performance or technical proof. For example, if they have pre-existing clinical proof of the efficacy of the device above and beyond what is already demonstrated in the academic literature. Ideally, this would be in the form of controlled clinical trials comparing against a topical alternative.


  • No7 Beauty Company is looking for startups that are at a TRL 3-4 or have received initial early-stage funding to create a prototype.
  • The startup should have a team in place and have studies that show the efficacy of the technology
  • The technology should be non-prescription and that consumers can purchase themselves

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