Webinar: University Startups Demo Day

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Major Takeaways

  • The last deadline to submit is July 18
  • Because of the overwhelming response from universities, we are limiting to 200 the companies to be processed for September 2016. Submission over the 200 limit will be processed for the Demo Day in April 2017
  • Universities can submit as many companies in their portfolio as they like
  • There is no cost to submit startups
  • University startups, including student, faculty, and alumni startups are welcome to apply. It is not required that a company have IP licensed out from a university
  • The Demo Day allows corporate VCs and corporate scouts, especially those with small teams, to view companies from universities all over the country in one place
  • Corporates participating in the Selection Committee of the Demo Day would like to see all companies in all stages in their technical areas
  • Corporate Selection Committee members are allowed to contact the companies after the scoring
  • Your company does not have to be part of the top 35 to be contacted by members of the Selection Committee
  • Email demoday2016@ncet2.org for questions.



Barbara Araneo, PhDDirector of Strategy and Sourcing, Diabetes Research Unit
Novo Nordisk
Victoria Scarborough, PhDProgram Director Global External Technology Team,
The Sherwin-Williams Company
Param SreekanthCorporate Innovation Strategic Advisor, NCET2
formerly DuPont
Chris VarleyExternal Science & Technology Programs
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Glenn Vonk, PhDDirector of Business Development and Alliances, NCET2
formerly BD Tech

About the Webinar

This webinar discusses the University Startups Demo Day (USDD) and how universities and Fortune 500/Global 1000 corporations can participate in the event.

The USDD provides an easy and efficient way for corporate venture, open innovation, and technology scouting groups to find startups from universities across the country in one place and for universities to showcase their startups in 4 technology groups:

Pharmaceuticals and Medical
Chemicals and Engineering
IT and Software, and
Consumer-Facing New Models
The top 35 companies will be invited to the National Press Club and Congress on September 20, 2016 for presentations and meetings with corporates, angel investors and venture capitalists.


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Global 1000 and Fortune 500 Corporations

For Global 1000 and Fortune 500 corporations. Are you a VC or an Angel Investor? Email us at demoday2016@ncet2.org
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