Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the University Startups Conference and Demo Day. If you have other questions, please feel free to email us at or click on the Live Chat tab at the lower right of this page.

What startups are eligible to apply?

Any startup can apply including student, alumni, and faculty startups. Startups that are in accelerator programs and housed in incubators, SBIR/STTR grantee companies are also eligible. As long as you can identify a university Startup Officer in the application any startup is welcome to apply.

Is there a cost to apply and submit a startup to the Demo Day?

No, there is no cost to submit startups to the for the University Startups Demo Day.

I am a startup. If I get selected will I have to pay a registration fee to present?

No. Startups that are invited to present at the University Startups Demo Day are not required to pay any fees associated with presenting at the event.

What do we need to prepare for in case we are selected to be one of the presenters in Washington, DC?

Companies presenting will be given 6 minutes to present with time for Q&A after each presentation. You will be provided feedback on the spot from corporates and other investors listening to your presentation.

Does my university Startup Officer need to be present in Washington, DC should I be chosen to present?

Yes. Your university Startup Officer should also be present in Washington, DC. You university startup officer will be given a few minutes to introduce your company. The objective of the Demo Day is not only to highlight the Best University Startups of 2018 but also to allow universities to network with the corporates and investors in the room.

I was identified as the university Startup Officer in the application. Is there anything I need to do to help our startup?

Startup Officers identified in the application will be contacted by NCET2 to a conference call to discuss the expectations and next steps to the university and their startups that apply.

How many companies can a university submit?

A university can submit as many startups as they want. We generally suggest to not pre-select your companies as you may not know what the corporates are looking for. We suggest that you explore the list of corporates in the selection committee and the technical areas that we are looking at this year.

I was not selected to present in Washington, DC, but I am still interested in coming to Demo Day. Can I still come?

Startups that were shortlisted (you will be notified by email) but not selected to present can come and take part of the networking opportunities available at the Demo Day.

How are the startups scored?

Every startup received is sorted into the general technology areas and subcategories and sent to the appropriate Corporate Selection Committee members. Once they receive the startups they rank and score the companies based on (1) corporate interest, and (2) venture metrics. Download the full scoring sheet here.

I am a corporate scout and I am interested in being part of the selection committee. How to I apply?

Go here to submit your information to be part of the Corporate Selection Committee. We will organize a conference call with you after we receive your information.

How do I participate in the Demo Day as an angel investor?

If you are an angel and a VC and would like to do deals with university startups for a possible exit to a corporate partner, email us at to apply for an invitation.