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The National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2) has created an experiential learning program called "Building a Startup Nation" to provide university and college students volunteer, internship and fellowship opportunities to engage with Congress and with the country's startups, entrepreneurs, venture capital and angel investors. The program allows the students to fulfill their personal dreams and aspirations, and at the same time strength the nation's competitiveness and job creation potential, so that after they graduate they can be leaders for a Startup Nation in government, academia and private industry.

University Entrepreneur Volunteer, Internship and Fellowship programs are designed for university and college students interested in entrepreneurship and startup culture to

  • learn by working with entrepreneurs and startups at universities
  • learn by working with our network of angel and venture capital investors
  • learn by bringing members of Congress to your campus
  • learn by interning with Congress in the University and College University Entrepreneur Internship Program

 University and College Entrepreneurs Congressional Internship Program

The National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2) announces a University and College Entrepreneurs Congressional Internship Program. This highly competitive program aims to educate and cultivate student leaders in policy issues that impact entrepreneurs and startups. The Program also seeks to build the student’s professional networks in the startup and policy communities in Washington D.C., in Silicon Valley, and at their home university and communities.

University and college students will intern in the offices of members of Congress – in the Senate or in the House of Representatives – with a high level of involvement in startups, tech transfer and/or entrepreneurship, at the pleasure of the office. Before beginning at Congress, interns admitted into the Program will also participate in a one-week Silicon Valley immersion to experience startup culture from entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, startup companies and corporations in the valley.

Monday through Thursday, participants will work as legislative interns in their respective offices. On Fridays, students will engage in a variety of educational and leadership-building activities both on and off the Hill targeted at the program’s focus areas. These could include:

  • Meetings with prominent individuals in DC such as White House officials, senior federal officials, serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate venture groups
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Group field trips
  • Professional networking events

Before students leave for DC, they will meet with the university or college president, provost, vice-president, dean or other senior members of their university or college’s leadership to discuss items such as:

  • Goals of the student
  • Goals of the university/college Startup Office or startup programs
  • Ways in which federal policy can improve the entrepreneurial success of undergraduate, graduate and post-doc students
  • Ways in which federal policy can improve university entrepreneurship at their university and in their region

When interns return after their semester in Washington, the expectation is they will assume a leadership role at their university/college and in their community to continue efforts towards connecting students, researchers, faculty, and alumni to their university or college’s startup ecosystem, and in bridging the gap between university entrepreneurship and government policy in real and tangible ways, including writing policy papers to be shared with their university or college leadership and working with the university startup office and programs. Longer term, it is hoped that the interns will continue to provide leadership in public service, academia, or the private sector and will help strengthen America's entrepreneurship and startup culture.


The internship will run mid-June to mid-August 2017.

Internships are non-paying positions

All interns are engaged by individual Congressional offices, at the pleasure of individual offices. Each office will decide which applicants, if any, to accept into their offices as interns. Each application is reviewed by an internship committee at the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer, and applicants who have high potential to be national leaders for entrepreneurship and startup culture in the opinion of the committee will be accepted into the program and forwarded to participating Congressional offices for their individual internship decisions. The internship experience is primarily for the benefit of the intern, and includes both a strong educational component and the facilitation of a supportive national network around entrepreneurship and startup culture to further the intern's future professional goals and aspirations. Interns are not permitted to accept financial or other support during their internship period from outside parties, including from crowdfunding platforms. The one exception permitted, optionally, is university support in the way of housing and travel allowance, stipends and/or academic credits to the intern as part of an education or grant program, which must be disclosed and approved before the start of the internship. Interns are expected to strictly abide by all Congressional ethics rules and individual office rules of conduct throughout their internship. [Cost Estimates info here]


Students must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program and have at least one year remaining in their degree program after completion of the internship. This program is purposely designed to appeal to, and will benefit from, students in all fields, backgrounds, interests and disciplines, who have the ability to be outstanding leaders for entrepreneurship and startup culture in public, private or academic settings. International students enrolled in American universities and colleges are welcome to apply, but need to be proficient to a high degree in written and spoken English and meet specific Congressional ethics rules that pertain to international student interns.

University Entrepreneur Volunteer and Fellowship programs

Interested in joining a committee to help bring a national entrepreneurship and startup culture to your university or college?These committees are open to university and college students who have an interest in participating, not only those applying to the University Entrepreneur Congressional Internship program.

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Sign up here to start participating in any of the committees below and to join the conference calls on Mondays at 5:00 pm - 7:00pm ET.

  • University Entrepreneurs General Committee -- Main Committee to be involved and stay informed
    • Co-Chairs: Zach Siegel, Joseph Nelson
  • Entrepreneurs Training, Education, and Webinar Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Ryan Ohneiser, Vacant
  • Congressional Liaison and April 18-20 Meetup Committee Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Robbie Freeman, Vacant
  • Women and Minorities in Entrepreneurship and Startups Committee
    • Co-Chairs: Saba Nafees, Brenda Yu


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