We find and develop startups for our corporate partners from the world's top research universities and investment groups.

Our mission is to create, develop, and fund the world's most transformative startups that align with corporate business needs from university and federal lab research. Our Corporate-Startup Development Program is a comprehensive approach to develop startups you find too early and prepare them for eventual corporate engagement.

Join NCET2 and be part of our growing membership network of Fortune 500/Global 1000 corporations and universities.


  • Early and expanded access to startups from 300+ research universities and angel groups nationwide
  • A cost-effective screening process designed for efficient use of your time via the Virtual Startup Pitches
  • Leverage NCET2’s 50 Startup Development Officers (SDO) to discover and develop startups from around the country for your business units
  • Leverage NCET2’s angel group, National Angels, and Investment Banker Fund to develop startups you care about to capture strategic benefit without the risk and funding on your side
  • Startups are developed and funded by NCET2 based on your corporate needs and milestones
  • De-risked products and startups aligned to technology and business strategy needs for your business units
  • Better alignment makes commercialization less risky increasing your success rate
  • Create sustained competitive advantage by accelerating and streamlining your external technology efforts

Download the Corporate Membership flyer here

For more information and to set-up a call about NCET2 Membership, email RiaAncheta@ncet2.org

Corporate-Startup Development Program


DISCOVERING corporate-aligned startups for NCET2 Fortune 500 Corporate Members

  • Using Corporate Needs Lists (wish lists) that describe the corporate’s business needs and technology interest areas
  • From university startups, angel portfolios, and state funding organizations
  • We package, review, and present startups through Virtual Startup Pitches to corporates for corporate investment and strategic partnership

DEVELOPING startups with Fortune 500 corporate interest through NCET2 Startup Development Officers (SDOs)

  • Usually startups are too early so development is needed to align to corporates
  • SDOs develop startups with milestones from corporates to guide startup development
  • Aligning startups to corporate exits and strategic partnerships
  • SDOs are former Fortune 500 open innovation and venture executives, active angel investors, serial entrepreneurs, startup attorneys with extensive knowledge and experience in startup development

FUNDING corporate-aligned startups through the National Angels Group and our Investment Banker Fund

  • Specifically created to invest in corporate-aligned startups that NCET2 develops through the Corporate-Startup Development Program

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