NCET2 is a membership organization of Fortune 500 and universities. Our mission is to create, develop, and fund the world's most transformative startups that align with corporate business needs from university and federal lab research. Join NCET2 and be part of our growing membership network of Fortune 500/Global 1000 corporations and universities.

Corporate Membership

  • Early and expanded access to IP & triple-vetted startups from 200+ universities nationwide
  • Opportunities to meet early stage companies and entrepreneurs
  • A cost-effective screening process designed for efficient use of your organization’s time
  • Create sustained competitive advantage by accelerating and streamlining your external technology efforts
  • Leveraging SBIR/Angel/VC/Investment Banker funding to develop startups you care about to capture strategic benefit
  • De-risked products and startups aligned to technology and business strategy needs for your business units
  • Better alignment makes commercialization less risky increasing success rate of acquisition

Download the Corporate Membership flyer here


University Membership

  • By engaging with NCET2 you can actively market your university IP to Fortune 500 corporations
  • Help TTO’s identify & develop promising intellectual property
  • Help TTO’s understand corporate member needs and their specific fields of work
  • Provide access to corporate members to develop startups & investments
  • Provide student development and coaching through NCET2 Startup Development Officer Program (SDO’s)

Download the University Membership flyer here

For more information and to set-up a call about NCET2 Membership, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Congressional Office Visits
Congressional Office Visits
University Startups Conference
University Startups Conference
University Startups Demo Day
University Startups Demo Day





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